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I have a stueben sliver trumpet mode 281 ser # 5358 in very… (asked by Ron on July 8, 2020)


Hi guys I have an early 1900s Rott flügelhorn and Im trying to… (asked by Antonio on July 1, 2020)


We have an Eterna by Getzen Severina Model from he mid 70s.… (asked by Mark Maguire on June 21, 2020)


I have a vintage Bundy trumpet designed by Bach with Serial #… (asked by Richard on June 20, 2020)


I have a Holton Trumpet 93321 Llewellyn model 48 that my… (asked by Jeff Rice on June 15, 2020)


I have an Olds Recorder I'd like to sell. I purchased it new… (asked by Rick Zeeb on June 15, 2020)


Good Evening! I saw that you had a Besson Sovereign Cornet… (asked by Alexander Hardin on June 6, 2020)


I have a Frank Holton silver trumpet—serial 78187. I'd… (asked by Tommy Goodman on June 1, 2020)


Hello, I have a Conn Trumpet that my uncle left to me after he… (asked by Joanne Vaccaro on May 16, 2020)


John , You list 2 used Bach 3C's .Are they CORP dot or CORP no… (asked by Ed Kalny on May 14, 2020)


I am in the process of rebuilding an antique cornet and I was… (asked by Andrew Phelps on April 28, 2020)


I just purchased a Conn Victor 1955 trumpet. Can you tell me… (asked by PAUL MARKOWSKI on April 21, 2020)


Hi John —We have an old trumpet used in middle school band… (asked by Kevin Jennings on April 7, 2020)


Hi John my question is can you tell me anything about this… (asked by Mike padula on March 22, 2020)


Hi there I have a used trumpet and I wanted to know what it is… (asked by John on March 13, 2020)


Thank you for the information you gave me before about my Bach… (asked by Cayden Townsend on March 1, 2020)


I have a Bach Soloist trumpet that I want to sell, and I need… (asked by Cayden Townsend on February 29, 2020)


I have a Selmer Balanced #23A 1951 serial 9354. I want to sell… (asked by John Chetcuti on February 17, 2020)


Hey I Have a 2013-2014 Bach Strad 43B (copper bell) it have a… (asked by Spencer on February 9, 2020)


Hi, I have decide to finally sell my 1976 Schilke A2 Bb Cornet.… (asked by Greg Powers on January 28, 2020)


Hello I have a Silver Tone Trumpet model 091716 Tt. I was… (asked by KG on January 13, 2020)


I have a true tone trumpet I was told was from 1919. it was an… (asked by sue on January 2, 2020)


Hi, I see that you have a Jet Tone MFFL mouthpiece listed for… (asked by Marcus on December 24, 2019)


Hi there- I have my grandfather's Frank Holton Trumpet and am… (asked by Tina Munro on December 21, 2019)


John, are any of those 100th Anniversity Bach trumpets still… (asked by Bob Englund on December 10, 2019)


Please let me know how to send pictures for evaluation.. I have… (asked by Reni Kusuma on December 9, 2019)


I have a Yamaha YTR 745 C trumpet and would like a valuation (asked by Kim Baker on December 8, 2019)


Hi, my son needs to trade in his trumpet with the professional… (asked by Reni Kusuma on December 8, 2019)


Gretsch pathfinder with case sn#13322.I would like to see the… (asked by Felix Brumley on November 22, 2019)


I have a Yamaha 8310z that was purchased new in 2006. I am the… (asked by Tyler Cobb on August 3, 2019)


Hi John, it's been many years since we did business, but I… (asked by Kerry Walsh on August 2, 2019)


I have a kanstul TP7900 B flat silver trumpet that I am looking… (asked by Ilene Levy on July 29, 2019)


I have a Holton York U.S. trumpet which appears to be an army… (asked by David Terleckas on July 29, 2019)

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