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Hi, do you ship to Canada and what would be the shipping rate… (asked by Jerry Kitich on December 22, 2017)


Hi John, I work in Greeley and came across your website. I… (asked by Nick on December 13, 2017)


Hi there, I'm just wondering where you ship trumpets to, and if… (asked by Lindsay on December 10, 2017)


I would like to know more about this vintage trumpet. The maker… (asked by Angela Chapa on December 2, 2017)


I came across a Holton elkhorn Wisconsin vintage trumpet t602… (asked by Crystal on November 30, 2017)


I am trying to get the value of a 1982 Yamaha student trumpet-… (asked by chris moye on November 21, 2017)


Hi John -- do you know anything about a Horst Machenbach Pro… (asked by Tom Patton—Butte Montana on November 8, 2017)


I have a couple of trumpets that I wish to sell , 1 is a 1970's… (asked by paul Vickers on November 1, 2017)


I have a vintage stadium trumpet with serial 541117. Was… (asked by Elaine F Borik on October 31, 2017)


I have a Mt. Vernon Bach D trumpet with C slides. I would like… (asked by Adrien Bisson on October 28, 2017)


I am purchasing a benge resno tempered 3 custom bell serial… (asked by Harvey on October 15, 2017)


Hi Have acquired a Frank Holton trumpet serial # 81450 . … (asked by Lee Hogge on October 8, 2017)


Hi, I'm new to the Trader. Do you come across and used Wedge… (asked by Rich Bice on September 27, 2017)


I have a 2011 Stomvi Forte Bb w/Bach/Strad case and two… (asked by Roger Klinkers on September 27, 2017)


Hello, I recently purchased a vintage conn 16b trumpet with… (asked by Nico whinnery on September 11, 2017)


hi have a21 getzen trumpet i bought in 1972, serial # G113, has… (asked by manny on August 27, 2017)


My wife found a trumpet in a case among her late fathers… (asked by Dennis Ahearn on August 24, 2017)


Bach LR180S37 Trumpet vs Bach LT1901B? (asked by Gina Mazariegos on August 23, 2017)


We recently discovered the a trumpet that my brother played in… (asked by Laurel Penrod on August 17, 2017)


What is the value range of a 1963 Conn Connstellation 36B… (asked by Bland Sawyer on August 11, 2017)


Thank you for your response regarding my 1963 Conn… (asked by Bland Sawyer on August 11, 2017)


I have a silver trumpet engraved on the bell with: P.… (asked by Donna Nichols on August 10, 2017)


I`m looking for an Olds bottom valve cap that will fit an Olds… (asked by marco on July 23, 2017)


Hello! I'm looking to purchase a trumpet for my 10 year old… (asked by Frank Hardisty on July 16, 2017)


Hi, do you all have payment plans on used and new trumpets?… (asked by Aaron on July 8, 2017)


Hey John. What Warburton backbores do you have at the moment? … (asked by Justin Shaw on July 6, 2017)


My son purchased a Bach Stradivarius B-flat trumpet 43-LR a… (asked by Marilee on June 22, 2017)


I have a buescher super aristocrat cornet s/n 109486. That… (asked by Terry Bradford on June 15, 2017)


Hi ! I hv brass Trumpet(YAMAHA YTR 120380A )with wooden case,… (asked by Amit Auti on June 10, 2017)


I have a Bach TRSOL200, silver trumpet in excellent condition… (asked by Shawn on June 5, 2017)


We have a silver F. Besson Brevete S.G.D.G.- Made in… (asked by Julie on May 31, 2017)


I have a trumpet which my dad used to play for many years. It… (asked by Frank Viola on May 27, 2017)


can you give me an approx. value of a vintage Schilke bflat… (asked by paul schott on May 10, 2017)


Hi John, I hope all is well. I was wondering if you had a set… (asked by Ken Johnson on May 6, 2017)


I have a Silver Vega Standard Trumpet, number on the valve is… (asked by Kathy Higgins on May 3, 2017)


Why isn't anyone answering questions? Bob (asked by Bob Sleight on April 30, 2017)


I have a Conn Trumpet (1952 era) I am needing to sell—can… (asked by Troy Oney on April 15, 2017)


Hi, I am a minor hoarder, I am in need of selling these brass… (asked by Jun on April 15, 2017)


I have a Reynolds cornet serial # 286608 with a black finish… (asked by Nancy Crawford on April 5, 2017)


I have a Bach Stradivarius Mt. Vernon 1956 Vintage I would … (asked by Jack Kilner, Jr. on March 27, 2017)


Do you allow any trial periods for your used instruments? (asked by Peter Smith on March 15, 2017)


i have a" Carl fisher Zypher New York" white brass… (asked by ryan on August 22, 2016)


I was wondering if you have any knowledge about a King 2000… (asked by Linda on August 17, 2016)


I want to know the value of the #98549 Reynolds Medalist… (asked by Tonya on July 26, 2016)


I have a bach 1 ½ c that I bought in 1970. I need to buy… (asked by steve on July 7, 2016)


Looking to buy used Reeves Dynamic Mass trumpet mp's, got any… (asked by Abe Padilla on July 6, 2016)


Hello, I have a 1913ish Buescher Cornet, silver plated, in… (asked by jennifer seim on June 30, 2016)


Hi John, I am using a Kelly 7C with my Yamaha 8310Z. I recently… (asked by Dan Culp on June 27, 2016)


I have an Oxford Silver Trumpet, ser#GE10374 and I'd like to… (asked by Bob Demos on June 16, 2016)


I have a trumpet with a 1st valve trigger that I do not know… (asked by Loren Kapelka on June 16, 2016)


What would be a reasonable price range for a Vintage King… (asked by Joey Garcia on May 4, 2016)


John, I purchased a Benge #5 Flügelhorn when I was teaching at… (asked by David Grasmick on May 2, 2016)


Hi. I've received a 1925 Trumpet, made by Frank Holton and… (asked by Tina Rose on April 27, 2016)


I have a late 1920's Conn trumpet that I would like to sell.… (asked by Vicki on March 13, 2016)


Hello. I am looking for a trumpet for lead Playing. It mus… (asked by Morten Bekkevold on November 18, 2015)


Is there any shipping cost for buying the trumpets? Also, is… (asked by Tristan Keaton on November 17, 2015)


Do you offer a monthly payment plan for used horns? If so, how… (asked by Jeremy Doniger on April 17, 2015)


I'm trying to get an insurance policy on my trumpet but it… (asked by Caitlin on February 16, 2015)

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